I Have A Really Bad Skin (acne). What Can I Do?


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A dermatologist friend recommended:

1. Wash with a salicylic acid wash

2. Apply a glycolic acid cream(Alpha Hydroxy) to the entire face and other problem areas

3. Finally use 10% benzoyl peroxide directly on breakouts.

Do daily.

All available at walgreens for a few bucks.
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I have heard good things about this product. But I'm not a specialist in acne treatment. You should talk to a doctor first before using it. Hope this helps.        Www.proactiv.com/index.php?acnt=GHP00000&s_kwcid=acne%20treatment|2161866378
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yes Nomad, I started sending some to my son in College, they will deliver anywhere, he said it worked great, I got recommended to this proactive, by a friend who had 2 teenage daughters, A month supply is about $20.00, and it really does work for most people, and using it , may prevent scarring.
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I used Top Shirley Medicated Cream and it really worked for me.  After years of spending money on a countless number of products which promised to work, I finally found one which actually did what it said.

I use it twice a day, morning and night.  Shirley Medicated Cream has really cleared my skin up, I no longer break out, and best of all it has faded my acne scars.  I would thoroughly recommend this to any one with serious skin problems.

I brought mine from www.shirleycream.co.uk.  Give it a go.  I hope it helps.
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While some skin problems are fixable through home remedies and simple hacks, for more serious problems such as acne or pigmentation, you need more than that. Acne is a deep rooted problem that requires a high-performance skincare solution, such as Melblok Home Kit Advanced. Bundling dedicated products for day and night, the kit is the only product you will ever need to keep hyperpigmentation at bay.

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I'm currently using top shirely medicated cream I have a friend who tried it and the effects were unbelievable.. I heard some really good things about it .. Its very cheap and you can find it in beauty stores
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There are many products (face creams and products) designed specifically to help battle against acne.
There are also many natural and holistic methods that can help www.jchealthlife.com

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