What Can I Help With Extreme Dry Flakey Facial Skin?


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You can use the following home remedies for extremely dry flakey skin:
- Drink lots of water. Atleast 16 glasses per day.
- Use a corticosteriod cream like Desonide once or twice a day.
- Eat a lot of proteins like fish.
- Eat 2 teaspoons of ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil daily
- Moisturize with Tea tree oil
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I have this issue too, I found that Vaseline chap-stick you find in squeezy tubes at drugstores helps. & its not bad for you.
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I just used this like five minutes ago. Scrub your face with sugar, it gets rid of the dry skin and then after, put on a mild lotion, and Voila!
Another home remedy: Almond oil mixed with sea salt to exfoliate the flakey skin from your face.
Then if your face is still extremely dry: A little baby oil lotion. But I doubt you will need it if you follow step 1. Good luck and keep smiling.

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