My Hands Are Really Dry, What Is A Good Hand Cream?


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I do a lot of concrete work and nothing is harder on your hands. It leaves them dry and feeling like sand paper. While shopping at a local mall I found a kiosk selling Dead Sea hand products. They let my try it for free. The treatment included a salt scrub to remove the dead skin and a cream to soften the skin. The results , after one treatment were amazing. There many sources for Dead Sea products on the net.
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Being a bartender for a number of years, I got into the habit of using a moisturizing cream on my hands, and the absolute best one I've found to date is AVEENO active naturals. Its a 24 hour, fragrance free moisturizer with soothing oat essence, with natural shea butter.
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There are a number of solutions for dry hands. Since you have used millions of lotions so it is important that you try something else. First of all instead of using lotions and creams, massage your hands with Vaseline or petroleum jelly especially before going to sleep. In the morning use some lotion. You can also use olive oil at night, which will make your hands look soft all day long. You can also use the cream that comes on top of milk when it is boiled. It is an effective natural remedy for dry hands.
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Same here, I did some concrete work and trashed my hands. A buddy recommended I washed my hands with white vinegar, then thoroughly wash/rinse after to get it off, along with most of the smell. Then use your choice of lotion, fragrance free is best. I did that for 2 days and there was an amazing difference. A couple more and I was good as new.
Another one I was told to try if that didn't work is to get heel moisturizer/foot cream and apply at night, wear latex or nitrile gloves to hold it in and prevent a big mess.
Either of those should work for anyone, whether you're a concrete worker or not, and regardless of age/sex.
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I know you said you have tried a million hand creams, but have you tried Udder Cream? It makes you hands really soft if used on a regular basis. I use it myself. It's just a couple of dollars at a local drugstore.
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The lotion from bath and body works

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