What Would You Recommend To Wear To A Black And White Ball?


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Beverly Youngblood Profile
I would recommend wearing a Beautiful Long Full Black Gown with white Accessories and Wearing a 50's Hair do. For the Men ,I think a Black TUX is perfect. You will both look stunning. Have fun.
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Sachin P answered
There are a number of special occasions that demand a special dress code. In our routine life, we adopt dress codes for work, leisure time, parties and religious ceremonies. Each one is different and in accordance to the widely accepted social conditions for the occasion. However, there are times when we find ourselves invited to the most formal and themed social gatherings. These are also the times when we get to our wits end trying to come up with something suitable to wear, within the theme and yet different.

You seem to be in a similar predicament. However, you are also lucky to be living in times where internet connectivity has made it possible to view online a number of 'black and white' dress options, for males and females. Since you haven't specified your gender, you may pick from the online availabilities or one of those below:

Male: Formal black trousers/ white frilled shirt/ black tuxedo or formal black trousers/ regular formal white shirt/ black waist coat/ blazer.

Female: Black skirt, long or short or mid-length or trousers/ white 'fluff and bother' blouse or a white skirt, long, short or mid-length or trousers/ black strapped blouse. You could flaunt sequence and add to the drama with a 50s hairstyle.

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