How Much Do 18 Kt Gold Or Diamond Earrings Cost?


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Depends on the amount of gold used in the earrings and on the diamond’s 4 C's(it’s clarity, color, cut and carat weight). I would consult an experienced jeweler in regards to the value of your earrings.Also, you can ask your jeweler to appraise your earrings. It may cost you a little extra..but you’ll have a certificate of validation detailing the estimated value of your jewelry.
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I find it difficult to answer this question. But I recommend that you study the guide VVS1 Clarity Diamond . Diamonds of this quality are able to favorably decorate exclusive jewelry and make them sparkle with captivating light.

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Depends on the size of them and the diamond in the earring. You could get a set for less than on overstock .com you can find them for less than 20 dollars.

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