What Kind Of Jewelry Do You Ladies Prefer, Necklace, Bracelet, Rings, Or Earrings?


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Niki answered
I love having earrings in, and because my body heals no matter what, I always have my earrings in.

I also adore my college ring, and on certain occasions I will wear a necklace.
In the following order my angel [lol]:
  1. ankle bracelet
  2. earrings [tho I only have room for 8]
  3. rings [tho only room for 10]
  4. toe rings
  5. necklace
  6. bracelet
Tada! [[[hugs]]]] ‚ô•Nassy
Mati green Profile
Mati green answered
I wear 14 earrings... Yep 14...10 diamond studs and 4 small gold hoops. I have7 studs and 2 hoops in my left ear, and 3 studs and 2 hoops in my right ear. I also wear 4 rings all the time, My engagement ring on my left hand, and on my right I have a Lindy star, my birthstone, and my Daddy's wedding ring. I wear a diamond heart necklace that mt Fiancee' gave me for valentine's day 6 years ago, and only take it off when I want to wear something different for a special occasion. When Im dressed up, Ill wear bracelets. They tend to get in the way and I always end up taking them off if I try to wear them everyday, and they end up in my purse...although I have some nice ones and I love them. I never take my earrings out...unless Im forced to for x-rays or something... And The only time I take my rings off is when Im working on the wheel... I hate getting mud caked in my rings, and they tend to gouge the clay.
Danielle Liberty Profile
I like earrings the most, I like to have a dainty necklace on to go with my outfits, too. I like my watch but never bracelets, unless my little 10 yr. Old gives me one, which he has and I wore it alot but it started looking wore out so I put it in my jewelry box so I can keep it safe forever. He liked that I will keep it forever...
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Brandi lol answered
I love necklaces, they are definitely my all time favorite piece of jewelry. When getting dress i put on the other stuff at second thought (if i can remember at all) but i usually always have a necklace on. There was this one black string one with a metal moon painted black that chris gave me and i didn't take that off for months. Its probably my favorite necklace or piece of jewelry at all for that matter of all time. Mainly because it holds the best memory. :)
Call me Rae..? Profile
Call me Rae..? answered
Earrings, DEFINITELY. I hardly EVER take mine out. I love them! Next best for me is a ring, then necklace, then bracelet. I like bracelets, but their not my favorite.
Ryanna Brown Profile
Ryanna Brown answered
I haven't removed my earrings in a long time and rarely wear jewelry... I occasionally will wear a necklace or bracelet but haven't worn a ring since high school...
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I love rings and necklaces. I have one ring I NEVER take off. And I just love the way necklaces look. I like bracelets, but sometimes they just get in the way.
Anastasia (nickname: Anya) Profile
Earrings- people always look at your face (and legs) so you get a lot of attention and competition with cutest earrings and some earrings will go well with your face and make you look prettier :)
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tinga nih answered
I go with earring's.. Where its not that affecting my work.. As a nurse .. Jewelry is a no no.. Only wedding ring and earring's.. I prefer earring's.. Tongue ring and nose studs.. ;p
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Waverly P. answered
Well, i prefer everything. I have on four necklaces, i wear bracelets on my left wrist and my watch by itself on my right wrist. I wear four rings, two on each side. I have a toe ring. When i dress up, i usually put in earrings. :)
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Lol my mom LOVES jewelry she loves ALL of them lol. Well me I don't really know.. AGAIN lol! Sorry lol!
Rebecca Sundavar Profile
Depends on what kind of bracelet or ring or what have you. Right now I am currently wearing a leather bracelet, a small snake ring on my pointer finger, a wristband from Rock the Universe, and a necklace from Kingdom Hearts 2 that my boyfriend gave me. I don't have any part of my body pierced, so therefore I am not a fan of earrings.
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jack jack
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Why haven't you pierced your ears?
Anonymous commented
I wear jewelry every single day and have forever! Once I was running late for work and flew out of the house without earrings - I felt so naked that I ran out and bought a pair on my coffee break.

I've collected jewelry for years so I'm able to change things up. I'm always on the lookout for something wonderful and a bit unusual. Many of the pieces I own were purchased during my travels. I'd much prefer a pretty piece of personalized jewelry than a tee shirt as a memento of a trip. 

Other great sources have been gifts from close friends & family who know my (very particular) taste well. The most beautiful and most cherished are rings and bracelets passed down from my great grandmother.

I favor cool metals, especially sterling silver and platinum, and LOVE garnets and rubies, though I also own several nice emeralds. My preference is for items made (or that look like they were made) at the turn of the last century through the Deco age. I also own nearly every piece Elsa Peretti has designed for Tiffany & Co. since the late 80s. Those are more modern than my usual, yet also very classic looking and a nice change from my others. I have some Robert Lee Morris items that I like for the same reasons.

And call me crazy, but I seldom like diamonds. (Unless anyone wants to buy me this one Cartier necklace I saw a few years ago...!)
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Pooja Vi answered

If i have to say i completely interested in Rings, i should say that i am more obsessed with the rings. I wear almost 6 to 7 rings to my fingers. My one finger has 3 rings and the rest of the 4 to other fingers. Whenever i go to shopping my eyes only go on Rings there. More than the clothes i think i have rings with me.

I do shop rings online at online stores like Bluestone. I just choose what i like the most and will order them online. I do get discount with Bluestone Coupons.

Megan goodgirl Profile
Megan goodgirl answered

if I wear earrings its the long kind that dangles. So I like those kinds of earrings for my short hair.

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