What Color Shoes With Turquoise And White Dress?


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Kristi DeMilta answered
I think you should wear something similar to the dress itself, such as turquoise or seafoam green. Those would look pretty. A blue colour would look good with it, too. Silver hued shoes would also work, as well as black. Brown would look good, too. :) This is assuming you intend to wear heels of some sort. :D Those are the colour options I would recommend (brown looks good with white and turquoise!).
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Silver, cream, you can get away with a pastel pink, or brown shoes, beige or tan, certain shades of maroon may also work, depending on if the dress suit is long.
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I would wear a pair of shoes to match the dress, silver, or white ones. Something that is neutral or that matches. I would try to wear something open-toed and definitely avoid wearing socks with your dress. Best of luck!
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Laura Wilde answered
I would look for a wood wedge sandle with the clear vinyl straps with silver buckles.  I went to a labor day weekend wedding. My dress was a medium blue, sleeveless.  I took a white sweater just in case it got chilly at night.  I found my shoes at Steinmart.  They were made by Nine West.  Hope this helps. 
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Laura Smith answered
I think SILVER is the best color to match with
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Matching colors always look good and hence, select colors like silver, cream or turquoise itself.
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I would wear something in the tan family. Iwould use some native american jewelry. A touch of coral with the turquoise would be another idea to try.

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