What Colour Shoes Would Go Best With A Cream Dress?


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The first thought that probably popped into your head was probably to go for a matching cream or neutral coloured shoe, but as with any cream or beige colour, it is not always best or most flattering to opt for a matching shoe. However, needless to say that a matching shoe colour will not look terrible. If your dress is truly beautiful and detailed and you wish to show it off, then it may be the better option to go for matching shoes. If you go for a bold colour instead then the attention may be distracted from your dress’ intricate detail.

Something that will make you stand out and look really great is to choose a deep and rich block colour such as a deep red or purple. If you choose a court shoe or a similar style, select nothing too fancy. If you buy a deep red shoe with matching accessories, this will really make your outfit pop. People’s eyes will be drawn to your deep colours.

If you are feeling particularly brave and daring, a bright green or neon pink with matching accessories (of course) will do the same as a red or purple but it will look even more amazing!

Although you could choose to go for a more intricate or strappy shoe design but if you do a bronze or a warm gold colour. This style is more suited if you are going to a more formal occasion.

When it comes to a neutral colour such as cream, the entire rainbow is at your fingertips to choose from!
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I would say stay away from wearing cream colored shoes with your cream dress. You need something to *pop* in your outfit, and your shoes are the perfect thing to do just that. Cream will look amazing with green or pink shoes. You can really pull off any color with cream, but those would accent it best. I know it will be hard to choose which color shoes work best, but you could always buy wholesale and test out a whole bunch of them. And if they don't work, keep them for other outfits (at least, that is what I would do!).Have fun with it! And be confident. You will look amazing!
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Brown red or black shoes would go well
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With a cream dress the rainbow is at your disposal. I like turquoise red or lime for bright colors.for neutrals I  like cognac or chocolate. If you want dressy try gold metallic or pewter metallic.
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Creeam would work.  However almost any color could work.  Neutrals like black, blue or brown depending on what you have available and/or your budget.  Also it could be a time to be daring and go for a bright color like green, even!! 
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 Would suggest  cream colored shoes, so that the shoes do not detract attention from your beautiful dress.
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Cream, or else beige, is a neutral, earthy color. It is a color that is usually referred to as nude and its basic characteristic is that it can be combined with any color.

Cream can look good with any color. For example it can look good with light colors, with baby pink, baby blue and white. It also looks good with dark colors, like black, navy blue, purple. Earthy colors like shades of brown or olive also give it a very warm and cozy tone. Last but not least, cream/beige looks good with bright colors, like coral, orange or blue.

It all really comes down to the context. For summer, I would suggest light colors, like pink, baby plue, white, olive or light brown.

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If your dress or formal attire has some brown and gold details, you can choose either
gold or brown shoes. Actually cream shoes and bag can go well too since
its not a plain cream dress.

I would choose the brown to match the brown on the dress so there won't
be too many shades of brown appearing at the same time.
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I would say brown colored or if you want to make it pop maybe go with a bright color like green or pink but brown if you want to stay simple
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Most people would answer the question with cream shoes; however, this will make the outfit look too boring.  Since cream is a neutral color, I would recommend black shoes.  Black shoes will give a pop to the whole outfit.  It will make the both the shoes and dress stand out.  You can also get more fashion tips on girls formal dresses at .

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