Why People Want To Wear Brand Name Clothing?


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People wear brand clothes usually to fit in or look cool. But some people like it because it has a better quality. It really depends on the person.
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Rathbone's right. In some cases, brand names are made better, but nobody really cares about that. The most important thing to some people is to be able to have that logo emblazoned across their chest or backsides or on their shoes. They are, in effect, paying a lot of money to companies for the privilege of advertising for that same company. Sometimes we just aren't very smart.
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Because brand names show how much money they have to spend like they are rich but also for being part of the popular crowd.
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They actually may not want to, they just want to have the SHIRT or something like that.I don't like how they put brand names on shirts, it's like being a walking advertisement for all to see. :P
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Correct, my dear!
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Brand is always popular. People believe that branded clothes are always having a special impression. It enhance our personality with a fashionable look. These clothes are always in demand as they have great reviews and are always trust worthy.
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Brand name clothes has got a class, some wear it to show that they possess a lot of money.
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For the same reason people buy other branded products because on some level they identify with some aspect of the brand and are willing to invest the extra dollars to make it a part of their lives. There are 2 kinds of brand buyers. 1: Those who buy from brands because they like the quality and stuff. 2: Those who just want to show off.

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