I really don't think that I'm pretty. I don't have a good body, I don't have perfect hair & my face is so weird. I hate the way I look & I wanna look better. My parents won't let me wear makeup or short shorts. My face has pimples on my chin &forehead. What do I do?


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Everyone is beautiful, it's all in how you act (: You don't need makeup or short shorts, be yourself. Short shorts won't get you respect, which is better than the attention you would get from them. Respect is a beautiful thing.

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Everyone is beautiful:

Some inside and some outside (face)

We have people whom have both of them.

Therefore; You are beautiful at least inside so no need to worry !

Oh did you know that God loves inside beauty ??! Don't worry if you're a girl there are  boys whom love you (at least love inside of you).

If you think that you'd like to be a model, you have to have concern, but if you don't want to be a model, don't worry.. I love people who are beautiful inside!! And there are a lot of people just like me!

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Luke Reine answered

I'm a guy, fan of both genders ;) I'm attracted to those that aren't afraid to be themselves. I'm sure you're gorgeous, if you have a great personality, even more so! You could look like a supermodel, be an awful person and be seen as an ugly person to me. Outside appearance means nothing to me. I agree with your parents for not letting you wear short shorts... It shows they care and you'll get nice feedback.

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