What Happens If A Skin Tag Gets Infected And Bleeds?


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It is best that you seek a physician for the answer to this question, as we are not medical professionals or a medical authority.

  • Medical help
If you, or someone you know, has an infection and bleeding around a skin tag, they should seek a medical professional. A doctor will be able to control the infection, stop the bleeding and ensure that nothing else happens to the area that may be infected by the skin tag. There are several things that can happen with an infection no matter the cause, especially when it bleeds.

  • Gangrene
Gangrene is something that can be caused by an initial skin infection. This skin infection leads to dead skin. This becomes more infected, until there is a skin disease that starts eating away at the healthy skin. Eventually, a limb infected by gangrene has to be cut off in order to stop it from spreading.

  • HIV
It is possible to contract HIV from used needles. When there is an infection as a result of a skin tag there can be worry that the needle may carry diseases such as HIV. Though we cannot say that the issue with an infected skin tag will result in HIV, it is something to be cautious of and be tested for.

This is why we state that you should most definitely visit a physician. A doctor can rule out those horrible results such as gangrene or HIV. It is far better to get an answer from a doctor for anyone who has a question of their health than to worry about the worst case scenario.

Even if you are not the one with the issue it is good to know what can occur, especially if you are considering getting a tattoo.
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By all means get to the hospital, infection isn't something that you want going on for any length of time, as it can become gangrenous, which will cause even more problems for you. Please don't do this again. It isn't true that you can just tie something around it. Sorry. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I would peroxide it and put neo-sporin on it or bacitracin.  Keep it covered with a band-aid..if it continues to ooze and be painful, then go to the emergency room, both topical ointments have antibiotics in them.  Good-Luck.

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