I Have These Red Moles That Are Little ,their On My Chest Arm And Legs...Is That A Sign Of HIV?Does Anyone Have The Same Red Moles On Their Body?


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No, it's not a sign of HIV. But if you're worried, get tested. I worried for seven years before getting tested. That's just ridiculous! I was negative, and I worried for nothing. Even though it's the scariest thing I've ever done, knowing was worth the 2-weeks of insanity awaiting the results.
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No, it is not the sign of HIV. To check your HIV you should get your blood test. It would show you. The problem you're facing is some skin problem but it is not HIV.
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I have some red moles, the Dr. told me "not to worry", they come with age sometimes, it has to do with my skin pigment, the color that is. Sometimes it has to do with circulation.The thing that is important to me, is that you protect yourself from these worries, by using protection or abstinence.

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