How can I get rid of skin tags?


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You will need dermabrasion.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Best thing to do is see your Doctor and let him freeze them. They use a cryogenic freezing method that just kills the skin like frostbite and they fall off in a week or so and never come back. Safest and best way to get rid of them forever!

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Hi Adesina, As suggested in another answer, it is best to visit your doctor first. But it's also a reality that doctor can only provide some help and ultimately the cure is in your own hands.

Like many other skin problems, you can't really take medicine constantly so it's better to try some home remedies that are known to be helpful. This way you can avoid the side-effects of taking excessive medicine. 

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The best thing to do is use apple cider vinegar. It works very well for removing skin tags . You simply dab some of it on a tip or cotton ball and apply it directly to the skin tag. 

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Oh, Skin tags are caused by the accumulation of collagen and blood vessels in some thicker parts of the skin, which mainly result from the rubbing of skin.

They can be treated by medical but I advise you to apply some natural methods by using:Tea Tree Oil, Banana Peel, Apple Cider, VinegarPineapple JuiceAloe VeraYou can also consult more methods easy to follow at home through this site: How to get rid of skin tags?

Best luck!

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