What causes skin tags ? Is it a virus ? A friend of mine keeps getting them and a lot of them. Is there any way to stop them?


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I asked my Doctor a long time ago about them when I had a few taken off and my Doc said it's from friction of your skin rubbing together. If you get a little larger in some places that are always moving a lot, you'll get them. 

Because of meds and such, I lost any extra weight I had and have never had them since.

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<a href="www.helpskintags.com/what-causes-skin-tags/">skin tags</a> can be caused  by a number of factors:

- Friction - The rubbing of skin against skin, clothes or jewelry can cause skin tags to form.

- Hormones - Hormone fluctuation such as during pregnancy can cause skin tags

- Diabete - Skin tags can be a sign of pre-diabetes

- Genetics - Sometimes they are just passed down in your genetics

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Either overweight or diabetic?

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