Can You Tan If You Wear Sunscreen?


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moodie madd answered
Of course you can still tan while wearing sunscreen. Some sunscreen bottles have something like S.P.F 4 on it which means you can still get tan. The higher the S.P.F the harder it is to get tan, but it is still possible to. If you can't get tan, though, still wear sunscreen because it is just your type of skin.
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Yes! Sun screen also helps from getting a bad burn.

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Yes, you will get tan while wearing a sunscreen. But a good SPF (SPF 50) provides you broad-spectrum coverage for the protection of UVA and UVB rays. It cures age spot or lightens the sunspots caused by sun rays. If you are searching a good sunscreen then I suggest you try Jacket sunscreen. It’s a doctor develop sunscreen, especially for men. It contains Zinc Oxide, which is proven to provide coverage from UVA and UVB rays. It helps you to lighten and fade sun spots caused by sunlight.

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