What Are The White Spots After You Get Out Of Tanning Bed And What Can I Do About Them To Cover Them Up Or Make Them Go Away?


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I guess vitiligo is more of a serious issue. Have a look at this: A 23 year old girl was born black and lost all her pigment to this disease:

Some mild white spots might be the result of pityriasis versicolor, not of vitiligo
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There are a number of reasons for getting white spots after tanning. It might be because of Vitiligo, that results in irregular shaped white patches. It can only be cured by a specific lotion used by doctors which is made of Psoralen. It can also be because of a skin fungas called Tinea versicolor. It can be cured by using Selsun Blue. It can also be caused by pressure points on your body. You can solve it by retaining specific posture. Here is a link for complete information:
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I have the same THING I went to the doctor and he told me it was a vitamin problems he told me to start taking vitamins I did and the spots went away try vitamins.
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Don't go to tanning beds that's lame. Try sunbathing at the beach that's where to meet cool surfers and foreigners.

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