Which Is Safer, Tanning Bed Or The Sun Exposure?


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All forms of tanning you listed   can cause skin cancer and skin cancer can (and does) kill.   My husband had a place on his arm about the size of a pencil eraser which turned out to be melanoma (skin cancer).   He had surgery to remove it and now has a very ugly scar about 8 inches long.   He has had to go back to the oncologist/surgeon every 6 months for 5 years.   He is now scheduled to go once a year.   He must continue to go every 6 months to a dermatologist to be examined over his entire body to see if another place shows up.   The cancer can return at any time in any place.   What I am telling you is that your tan could cost your thousands of dollars, lots of pain and even death.   You may look good with a tan but you won't look so good if you have a nasty scar to contend with.   Am I exaggerating?   No, I am not.   I am simply stating facts.   Does everyone who tans or sunburns get skin cancer.   No, of course not.   But, are you willing to take that risk?   Believe me, it is not worth it.
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Safe and suntan do not go in the same sentence together. The tan is caused by the skin being damaged, i.e. Burned.
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Sun. Tanning beds are nasty. My sister got a 1 tan and it caused some weird sores, and there was a shade of red near every joint, (Elbows, Knees, etc.) so I would say the Sun! Either use sunscreen or something for shade! Sunburn is not a major problem either. Enjoy the Sun!
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They are both pretty dangerous but, hmm this is a toughy. Sun exposure is natural, but it depends on how much of it you get. Tanning beds can be pretty dangerous though. The temperature could be hotter than you asked for and your skin can get pretty damaged from them. If I had to chose between the two, I would say sun exposure. But you can get skin cancer from either so I advise you to not do it to much, or not at all. Hope this helps! Please rate! Oh and by the way, if you do choose sun exposure, make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen!!! :)
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Hey Sweetie
yeah sweetie, sun is probably safer, but then you can get skin cancer, even if you don't get burned ;(

a loved one of mine died from skin cancer, didnt get burnt but was just unlucky, and maybe she had done a few bad things in herlife and god was angry, and forbid anyone he gets the lord angry I guess.... , I don't know, she was quite secretive. Hm...... Well I shoulden`t be wasting your time blabbing on. But remmeber, theres no such thing as a safe tan. (smiles a sad smile)
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Neither they can both cause skin cancer.
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Neither; they both expose you to harmful UV rays that can damage your skin and, if you tan too much, can lead to skin cancer.
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Sun expose
for sure
because our body also require direct sun light which is necessary for us
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If you are a responsible person the the Tanning Bed is safer as you can time exactly how long you can be exposed to the ultra violet rays.
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Niether is safe , but outside tanning is better than tanning beds , you can start burning your insides . . so you have to be very careful .

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