How Much Iodine Do You Add To Baby Oil For Tanning Purposes?


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Iodine and baby oil was an old technique used in generations past to achieve that golden bronzed look we all desire. However, this was before the dangers of harmful UV rays and the risk of skin cancer were well known.

While it can still be done, it is essential to include some proper sunscreen in your home made concoction to prevent painful sun burn and reduce the chance of skin cancer.

To make your solution, you will need baby oil, a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) sunscreen as possible (preferably at least SPF 15) and your iodine.

Using a measuring cup, take one part sunscreen to two parts of iodine and baby oil each. How much you mix depends on how long you will be in the sun for and how many people will be using the solution etc.

While mixing your solution, it is essential to wash and dry the measuring cup thoroughly in between measurements as you can contaminate your solution and mess up your concentrations. You should mix your solution properly and store it in a squeeze top bottle to ease the application of your finished mixture.

After you have finished, apply the solution as you would normal sunscreen. While the solution may produce the desired results, it is still important to remember not to spend too much time in the sun as even the strongest traditional sunscreen can only limit your exposure to harmful UV rays.
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We used to tan with this all the time and it really did get you much, much darker. The iodine stains your skin so the tan lasts longer and you still get like dark golden brown. We would by the next size up from the smallest and pour almost the whole thing in get if not all of it sometimes. Just shake it get while applying to your skin. It doesnt mix completely or stay semi mixed for long but it still works.
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Bowie 78,well you are aunt uses iodin/baby oil all the time & she has a beautiful tan & it doesnt so any harm to her at all ! You can use iodine & baby oil just make sure you sont use too much of each..
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Boy, thats a bad idea! You just can't take risks with the sun any more. Unfortunately. You have to wear sunblock.
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YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE THIS>>>>>>>>>do not even consider it.

Sitting in the sun with this mixture will be like BROILING don't try it....just get a good suntan lotion with an SPF of NOT OVER 30 and then tan..

Better yet, don't tan at are aging your skin prematurely...over the years, your skin will pay for it with possible skin cancers...somthing to think about!

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