Do You Have Any Percings? If So Have They Gone Bad? Or Do You Know Someone That Had A Piercing And It Went Wrong Or Bad?


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Amy Barany answered
I have four holes in my ears.  I had one set done about 20 years ago and the other set done about 10 years ago.  The first set went fine.  The second piercing procedure seemed to go fine, but my body didn't take well to it I guess.  Even after all these years the holes fill with pus no matter how often I clean them.  It itches if I wear earrings too, so I have not worn any for years now.  It's really disgusting and unfortunate, and all for the sake of vanity!
emma loveees youuu xo Profile
Well it just depends on the individual. I've got my ears pierced, and it went fine, nothing bad happened. I don't know anyone that got a piercing and it went wrong, but some people do take a bad reaction to it :)
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Call me... Alma answered
Well I have my ear's pierced ( since I was a baby! So I can't really remember the pain)I want 2 get a second whole, or maybe even my belly button ( I'll probably chicken out on that one)
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I have 4 piercings in my ears, no problem.  But the most unsanitary are those in the tongue and around the lip.  They continue to have problems with bacteria and non-healing.
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Kal answered
I only have my ears prised and nothing has gone bad yet, but if you have long hair don't wear earrings that hang down, because you might rip your ear (my mom found that out the hard way...)
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Lyndsey Wheeler answered
Ooh I used to know this girl called kelly that had her belly button pierced cheap at a market but for some reason they had to put the piercing three inches above her belly button?... It got infected and was really disgusting!...  She ended up with a giant fat zit in the middle of her gut, yuck! the way no this pic isn't her but it is a picture I edited To show you what it
looked like... :)
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Well I have my ears & they are fine. My belly button too which is fine, no problems there. And my lip which has never once got infected (the easiest piercing if you ask me) my tongue, I pretty much blacked out after they pierced it but it gets super swollen, you'll talk funny..but no infection. My nose is the only one that would get infected over n over, I took that thing out! It was so not worth it it would grow a ball of puss (nasty I know) I had a friend who had hers too & hers did the same thing. And the nipples really don't get too infected, but Ive heard that you can lose feeling in them (then theres be no use for the ring there) just sayin.

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