Does Cheryl Cole Wear A Wig Or Bonded Hair Extensions?


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Her hair is natural but she puts on a clip-in extension piece for thicker voluminous hairstyles.
Her hair is naturally darker than it is atm but's all her hair. I know this because my uncle is
married to her hair stylist. No joke:)
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It's a wig. We found out from the hair dresser on the X factor. She has massive bald patches on her head where years of extensions have given her allopecia. (The hair never grows back) Her hair is too weak for more extensions so she just wears a wig with a few extensions around the front. Ever noticed when she rarely wears her hair back in a pony tail she seems to have hardly any hair - like it's really thin on the head then the pony looks all bushy. She's taken the wig off and just has a pony tail extension.
And she is the hair care spokesperson for Loreal. Irony???
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This is not true at all ! She has hair extensions
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