What You Wear On Hajj?


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For HAJJ or UMRA Muslims wear a Un-Stitched dress called IHRAM.

Consist of two pieces White Color

1- one piece of white cotton around the waist and hips .

2- Another One over the shoulder

This is only for MEN not for women.

For Women her dress is her Ihram whatever she wear in order that her body parts not visible.

For men it is must to wear these two Towels/shawls either you are rich or poor , King or slave.
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The required hajj dress for men is two pieces of white unseen  cloths, one of which covers the body from the waist down, and one that is gathered around the shoulder. Women are not restricted to a specific color but are also encouraged to wear non-elaborate clothing.

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This includes wearing simple clothes, which for men includes two pieces of white unsewn cloth.Women usually wear a simple white dress and headscarf, or their own native dress. This dress code is follow during hajj.

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Various forms of dress are worn, only two are requirements for men, they are unstitched pieces of white cloth, one worn over the shoulder and the other around the waist and hips.

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