What Brand Of Shampoo Has The Highest PH Balance?


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Amazingly Tesco brand wheat-germ and corn-silk shampoo has one of the highest pH levels for hair and is one of the best for treating greasy hair.

PH levels in shampoo are a reference to the hydrogen level in the product. It originally comes from the French ‘pouvoir hydrogen’.

A high hydrogen level will be seen as anything over pH7; this is considered to be high and will be considered alkaline in nature. This will be seen as to remove grease from hair. Anything below pH7 is considered acidic.

Shampoos that are between pH5 and pH7 are considered to be neutral. Conditioners with levels below pH7 are considered good for maintaining balanced hair and are essential for good hair care.

Shampoos with higher pH levels like Tesco brand wheat-germ and corn-silk shampoo will have higher alkaline levels and so dry out greasy hair. This means that they remove natural oils and may cause hairs to split if the hair gets too dry. The effects of shampoo like this are fine for a few washes but may cause brittle hair with prolonged usage. PH9 is usually the highest level you will find for shampoo in this area.

Conditioners use lower levels of pH to prevent issues with dry hair. Generally conditioners have pH levels between four and six to try and protect hair.

If you are unsure about the levels of pH in your shampoo you can check the levels on the back of some packets. For greasy hair you should try to avoid moisturising hair shampoos. You can also use litmus paper to test your shampoo to determine the level of pH in the product. This is a simple test that will cause the litmus paper to turn a certain colour if the paper is alkaline or acidic.
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It is very difficult to know for sure about the shampoo having the highest PH balance because the label of a product seldom tells the truth. However, in order to find a shampoo with the highest PH balance you can conduct experiments at your home by using a simple tool such as litmus paper. See the link below for reference and details of the experiment.
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why do you want a high ph shampoo.? do you think it will clean you hair better.? if you have excess oil or use a lot of hairspray or gele's -- you may add up to 3 tablespoons of baking soda to the bubbles on your head when shampooing. i use it in my salon every time i give a perm to remove depree such as meds, products and oils an mineral deposits. but you must use a conditioner on the hair after to bring the ph back to 5. keep in touch

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