Can Benadryl Be Used For Sunburn Itch?


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Yes, you can use Benadryl to relieve the itching you feel while you're suffering from sunburn.

Benadryl is available in a variety of forms including topical sprays, creams and gels, and oral tablets and capsules. As an antihistamine, it will work well to reduce the inflammation and irritation caused by your burn. Benadryl taken orally will also cause you to feel a little sleepy, which will help you fall asleep if your discomfort is keeping you from your bed.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to relieve sunburn.

Some people swear by the efficient effectiveness of Epsom salts. Unlike table salt, Epsom salts won't sting you; rather, they have a gentle, soothing effect. Measure one cup of this salt and dissolve it in boiling water. Run a lukewarm bath for yourself and stir in the Epsom salts. Soak yourself in the bath for twenty minutes and enjoy the feeling of relief that washes over your burns.

Other bathing suggestions include the addition of oatmeal or vinegar to the bathwater.

You can also treat your skin with a gentle, aloe-based lotion or else you can pick up some pure aloe from your grocery store. Do not use a lotion that contains alcohol as it will dry out your skin and contribute to your overall itchiness. Butter and oil-based products should be avoided too. They lock in the heat and worsen the burn.

Cold compresses will also provide you some degree of relief, and you can take over-the-counter pain relievers if the sunburn feels sore. Dress yourself in loose-fitting clothes made from natural fibres like cotton and be sure to keep yourself hydrated. Avoid subjecting the burn to heat or further sun exposure until it has healed, and do not drain any blisters or pick at peeling skin. Doing so will slow the healing process.
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Aloe vera gel helps. You know when it's itching the skin is trying to heal. Aloe vera helps with the burn and healing.
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It will help a little with the itch, but to pull out the heat, apply some vinegar to a paper towel, and apply it right to the burn to pull out the heat. You can also use a little A&D ointment to help heal the burn a little quicker, you can usually find it in the baby section of the store. Hope this helps.
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No, it won't help, try an over the counter sunburn medication.
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You can use the cortisone cream with benadryl in it. Apply four times a day. This will help the itch tremendously I had a severe sunburn when in the Bahamas and the Dr applied it for me and it did great.
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I would suggest using aloe vera gel or lotion that does not contain any alcohol. Alcohol will only make it sting
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Yes Benadryl will help... Past experience but do not use Vinager on sunburn. There are chemicals in it that just makes it worse. People do say that is not true but it is. Try for your self but it will become worse.
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I myself am very sensitive to the sunburn itch you get usually after taking a shower. I never found anything to work until I took Benadryl. I took slightly over the suggested dosage (on child's benadryl) of the liquid form. The itch went completely away and it made me sleep to get me through it. The only side effects I had was a bit of tiredness. I wouldn't suggest driving. I think the liquid works better than capsules. Give it about an hour to kick in.

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