What Hand Cream Can I Safely Use With Acrylic Nails?


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Dove hand cream is quite gentle and nourishing, and will not affect your nails. You should know that you will have to have your nails maintained quite regularly as they grow out from the cuticles and leave a gap, between the cuticle and the nail.
Although these can be left on for some time, it is contra-indicated because as beautiful as they look, they are bonded to your actual nail bed, which is a living breathing part of your body, and like the rest of it, sheds skin regularly. However you have sealed it off to air and moisture, from the outside.
Fungal infections of the nail bed, are often the result of long term use of these permanent nails. Once a fungal infection has taken hold in the dark moist condition of your sealed off nail bed, it is hard to eliminate, and can disfigure your nails permanently. So have them removed regularly and let your nails breath in the sunshine.
Hand cream can then treat your cuticles and nails.
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Many thanks for your reply...i do understand the problems you mention. Have only had then done for first time last will be aware...appreciate your reply.

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