Should Skinny Girls With A Small Chest Wear Corsets?


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I don't feel that they are very comfortable, but I don't think it matters what type of body you have.  I think you should wear one no matter what.  They're about as comfortable as wool, though, They're so tight and very warm.
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I don't see where wearing a corset is a taboo. But nobody should have to wear one unless they want to for fashion purposes. If you like how you look in it, then wear it. I think they are uncomfortable. I wore one under my wedding dress and if I had it to do over... I wouldn't wear it again... It was uncomfortable, I couldn't breathe, I felt ill eating, it was hot.. I went in the restroom during the reception and took it off... My dress didn't look any different without it.. But I sure did feel better.
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I wouldn't worry about any taboo's just wear what feels good for you. If you feel sexy in it go for it, if you feel uncomfortable shed it. I wear corsets frequently depending on my clothes although I am very comfortable with the feel of one. (also I love having my hubby help to dress me)
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Well I think it would make their chest look bigger. And since they don't have belly fat then it would make them stand out.

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