What Is Browns Skin Disease?


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This question is a little ambiguous. I could find no information about a disease entitled "brown skin disease", although this name was referenced in connection with a liver problem. If your fingers or toes are turning brown, then you may have a liver problem and should see your doctor as soon as possible.

If you are not experiencing discoloration of the fingers or toes, then as I said earlier, this question is ambiguous. Do you have brown skin, and think that your skin may be infected or diseased? If you have brown skin, and are noticing that the color of your skin is becoming paler in places, it could be due to a disease called vitiligo. This is when the cells which produce melanin (melanin is the chemical responsible for the pigmentation of your skin) die or are destroyed, resulting in paler patches or areas upon the skin. These paler areas can also appear in the hair, on the lips and on the genitals.

On the other hand, if you notice that areas of your skin are becoming darker, it could be due to hyperpigmentation. This can be caused by some drugs, but please consult your doctor before stopping your intake of any prescriptions which you think could be responsible for the darkening of areas of your skin. It can also be referred to as a condition known as Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, which is when cells naturally become dysfunctional, and produce too much pigment. You should see your doctor if this sounds like you.

If you have pale skin and are noticing that your skin is turning brown in small areas, you may need to consult your doctor. Is the area of discoloration is also raised and/or bumpy, it may be a mole that has recently developed, which may be why you haven't noticed it before. You should consult your doctor if your discolored skin may be a mole.

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