Does A White Mark/spot On Brown Skin Show Any Skin Desease ?


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  You may develop white or light spots on brown skin due to many different reasons. Although they don't look very good ,they do not signify a disease always. May brown or colored people have such marks from birth. Similarly, white or pale skinned people may have black or dark spots on their skins from birth. As the child grows and the skin grows, such marks tend to grow in size. These are called birth marks and are quite common in nature. They may also serve as identification marks for individuals. Other marks may be a result of a burn or a previous infection which destroys the upper layers of the dermis and may leave an unsightly lighter mark on a darker skin. These tend to fade with time and may even vanish with time. All I want to say is if a light spot is localized and is not visibly growing or multiplying, there is not much need for panic.

  However, if such a white spot starts spreading or other parts of the body starts having such marks then there is enough reasons for concern and doctors should be consulted immediately. The lack of pigment melanin can cause a disease called 'lucoderma'. While there is no sure shot cure for lucoderma, it may cause a lot of agony for an individual as they loose all resistance to the bad effects of sunlight.
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This is a very difficult question to answer. Now without looking at the mark nobody can say what exactly it is. If it looks like a celluloid mark then its just plain old fat in your body. Sometimes it even symbolises calcium deficiency. Take a look at your nails if you have the same mark then that is sure to be the case.

At times even dandruff causes it but that happens only on the face. But don't be your own doctor and diagnose it yourself, go to a doctor's clinic and get it checked. Prevention is always better than cure so don't be too late.

You could visit a dermatologist or a skin specialist for help. They are better option compared to doctors who are just plain physicians.
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My friend is 50 years old and has dark skin, border line diabetic she has noticed 2 small white patches on her back, not sore not lumpy feels normal, could her tablets do this
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I had seen a white spot on upper  arm that is indented and is sore for 2 months what could it be

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