What Is A Skin Condition Called Johnson's Disease?


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Johnson's disease is one of the most harmful skin diseases which is usually caused after the OTC medications as a result of allergic reactions caused by the medications. The disease can be transferred to men, women and children. The occurrence of disease is mostly because of consumption of drugs such as pencillins, sulfas, phenytoin, valdecoxib or from the infections caused by HSV, cat scratch and histoplasmosis. Johnson's disease is severe in nature and can occur in red and thick patches on the skin. The symptoms of Johnsons's disease include sore throat, fever, headache, lesions, blisters in eyes, nose, mouth, rashes and red eyes. The patient should contact the doctor as soon as possible in the case of such symptoms. Usually patients are advised to create warm atmosphere around themselves under the treatment conditions. Effective care is taken to treat the patients suffering from such disease.

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