Do You Consider Age 40 As Being "Young, No So Old Or Old"?


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I've got a few years on you, and I feel far from old. 40 is only a number. It's hardly what can be considered as "over the hill". Your state of mind can influence how you feel and how others perceive you. 40 is still young in this day and age. People are living longer, and their lives can be fuller than they were ten or fifteen years ago. Don't let your mind get bogged down with numbers, or you could make yourself look and feel older than you are. If you take care of your body, there isn't much you can't do that you were able to do ten or fifteen years ago, As far as I'm concerned, you're still a kid with a world of living at your feet! Live it to the fullest.
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I am 41 and and the proud grandmother of a beautiful 22 month old girl and an 18 month old boy .. I feel I am young enough to watch my grandchildren grow up and have their own kids and in 20 years I still wont think I am old maybe by 80+ then I might be old but no worries on turning 40 your still young!40 years young
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Don't listen to some people .You know woman are still having babies at 40 and older these days so I don't see you as old at 40 .And besides my husband is 40 and I don't think he is old .
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Y'all: I am 45 and loving it. My youngest son just left for the Air Force and we are empty nesters for the first time since we were 17 no kids. I feel younger and healthier now than I have in well, forever. I wish I could bottle this feeling. I look in the mirror and even though I've gained a few pounds and a few wrinkles, I look awesome. I glow. So girl - 40 is just a number. Age really is a state of mind. And remember, you only go through this life once - there are no redo's - so live it up.
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I am 31, so, 40 isn't that far off for me...but I believe you're only as old as you feel...and 40 is young to me.
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The truth is that mere age, determined by the time passed from date of birth isn't really the factor. Someone 40 ,who has labored all their life in construction and spent time out in the sun, might have a body that is worn out and full of aches and pains. Another person who has spent time in doors at a desk or in a classroom as a teacher, might feel somewhat young. Someone who has worried about finances and never rested from financially worry, might feel the physical and mental pains take their toll. Someone who is rich and has been honest, might feel very young and have a whole life ahead of them.

Age based on birth date, really isn't the question. The example questions are, how much stress has been in your life? How much has the sun burned your skin over and over? How much has your hands been worn out from cuts do to hard labor? How much mental stress have you had year after year? How depressed have you been, how long and how often? What diseases did you come down with? What health issues were caused by smoking or drinking? How have those affected your physical, emotional/mental health over the years? What kind of people do you hang around? Happy ones? Negative ones? What service do you give to others? How many crime and depressing shows do you watch? What profanity do you use?

I think you will find that those who have positive answers to the majority of these, will tell you they feel young. The vast majority who have quite a few negatives to these, will you tell you your starting to go down hill or you are over the hill or maybe, ahhhh give up, life is just about over for you!

It really is a matter of what kind of life have you lived, what life are you living now and what can you expect in the future? These will determine how worn out your SPIRIT is! You are a literal physical spirit in your body, the same way a hand goes inside a glove. When you die, your spirit leaves this mortal shell of a body. How did YOU, which is that spirit, in other words the SPIRIT IS did that spirit function in the past, present and how will it function in the future? That will determine just how well you are at what age you are now, which if 40, may be different than another 40 year old!

Make sense? I hope so!

May God Bless you!
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40 is as old or as young as you make it. Haven't you heard that saying, "you're as old as you feel"? Well it's up to you to make yourself feel young. I've always heard, mainly from watching Oprah, that your 40's is when you discover yourself and who you really are, it's when you become more comfortable in your skin and realize that you don't always have to care what other people think of you, or how old they think you are, love yourself and if they don't like it then they can take a hike! =)

Despite me trying to give you words of wisdom. I'm younger than 40, and honestly I don't think 40 is old, I would consider it middle aged or in your words, not so old. So enjoy life and just remember with each year that passes you become wiser, not older!
You are as old as you feel.  I don't think 40 is old at all. I'm 23 years old and it would be a blessing to make it to that age. I think 40 is not old at all I think a person is old as they feel. Don't get yourself down.
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40 is still young, at 50 you start a little filling it, I'm 60 and paying for Bull Riding, and it hurts bad, BUT if you think old then that is a state of mind! So AT ANY AGE if you GIVE UP then your OLD!
I'll never GIVE UP!
CAROL MAUCK answered
Well, it depends on how old a person is as to how he/she perceives 40. When I was 20 I thought that 40 was very old and now that I am 50, I think that 40 is YOUNG! You are only as old as you feel and act!! You can make people think that you are older or younger than you are depending on how you dress, think, and act. But in reality, age means nothing. 40 can be wonderful! You have lots of knowledge and experience and if you still have good health, then you have many years to live and enjoy life.
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A 40 year old person can be found as a patient on wheel chair but can also be found playing tennis in the courts. It depends on their condition but in general I consider you as "NOT SO OLD".
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I don't think 40 is old. People now tend to live longer. If you are in pretty good health, then don't worry about your age. It's only a number. You are only as old as you feel. Somedays are better than others.
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I concur with the you're as old as you feel crowd. It's a personal thing. There are some very old twenty-year-olds and some very young eighty-year-olds. I also agree with the good days, bad days school of thought. I don't know if this is absolutely universal, but stuff starts to not work the way it used to after forty. Eyes, joints, muscles, memory. Maybe you'll be a lucky one, but don't be surprised if it does happen. That's not so bad, though, just takes a little adjusting.
To answer the second part of your question, I will see you as not so old.
So, Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one and you enjoy many more.
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Smiles there is a trick to this I am 42. When I go to work I feel like I am 100 and when I am with my grandson I play like I am 5 it all balances out. Pretend there is no such thing as a calender and enjoy! Do me a favor ask me that question in 50 years hopefully I will give the same answer. And I will definitely be looking forward to seeing you. Be Blessed
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I feel that being 40 is prestigious!!!! Point blank. You become a higher quality person in your life and another stage of growth.  You have control of that quality and like what everyone else says, you have to make your self feel good and take good care of yourself. The rest is extra tidings.  Enjoy living. I will be 40 in 13 months and look forward to it.  I always wanted to plan a family at 40.
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I think that depends on the age of the person you're asking. Someone who is 70 or so is going to say that 40 is young, someone around the same age group as 40 might reply with it not being so old but younger people, teens and 20's will probably view 40 as being old. There is no real way to desifer whether or not 40 is old it depends on who you ask but also how you feel.
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When I was growing up 27 was the difficult birthday for me. My mouth just would not say 27. Now I am 49. Life is good and I am happy. All though I work in construction and some days my feet and leggs feel like I am 80. Lol. My dad will turn 83 in August. On my dads side of the family only three people have ever died under the age of 93. Live life and enjoy!
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I think age 40 is middle age. Not that old, but not young even. The thing which really matters is how you feel like. If you feel like I'm too old then even if you'r not old, you'll look old. If you feel that I'm quite young then obviously you'll look young. Just chill and enjoy your life. Age 40 is not old.
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40 is considered the age of enlightenment. I think that if someone lives a life of clean living (i.e.: Eating right, exercise regularly and having good relationships) they are very youthful. It's not age that makes one young. Some 20 year old are eating terribly, are overweight, and have harmful and poor self esteems. Where some 40 years old are living a clean life, exercising 4-5 times a week and looking absolutely fabulous. Look at Selma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp as examples of beautiful youthful people in their 40s. And look at Britney Spears as the opposite of health, beauty and a purpose filled life.
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The important thing is that you feel young not so much worrying about your age but also try to enjoy life no matter what your age. Happy early birthday by the way!!!!!
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Age 40 is not considered as old, it is middle age. Age increases year by we should not think of age, we will b having the tendency of thinking we are getting old loll. I was just kidding my dear friend.
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Bonnie Baker
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40 is not old at all,I think young is where your heart is.I am 55, But feel like I am 16 inside.It all depends how you feel about yourself,When you look in the mirror what do you see?You can be what ever you want to be-good or bad.
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Some men are starting their careers as a porn performers at age of 40! And they are some of the best and most popular. So not old at all. :)
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No, its not old at all. Back in the Time of the bible 29 was still a kid. I believe Jesus started his ministry when he was 30 or so.

Then again, back in those days they didn't have as much chemicals for the skin and proccessed food as now. So there you go.

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40 is old. Check the waist size of your Levis from 20 and now if you need proof. But always remember that over the hill is better than under it and as Grace Slick once sang "Your only pretty as you feel.
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40 is really very old from my point of view, lets face it when you reach forty your probably past the halfway point, things are going to start going downhill very rapidly. You should take ever day as a blessing after 40!

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