How Can I Make My Hard Beard Soft?


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Growing a beard can be a good way to give your face a manly and rugged appeal, but there's nothing worse than seeing your labour of love turn into a bristly, sharp bush of hair.

To make your facial hair softer, there are a number of things you can try out. Read on, beard-lovers, to find out more.

Beard care- how to make a hard beard soft

Having a hard, prickly beard will usually deter women from wanting to kiss you, and can even be uncomfortable for the wearer too. To soften out that facial hair, why not try out the following:
  • The most obvious thing to try is conditioner. Coupled with a gentle baby shampoo, this will usually help to take the edge off your beard.
  • In addition to washing your beard with softer products, brushing your beard is really important.
  • If that fails, you could experiment with some moisturiser or body butter. The properties of these products can help reduce the coarseness of a beard.
  • Don't shave - trim. Trimming your beard with scissors is advised because it reduces the chances of sharp ends.
  • Blow-dry your beard. This is the best way to dry your beard after a wash.
  • What you eat can have an effect on the type of hair you produce. Flaxseed oil and linseed oil both have reported hair benefits. Mayonnaise and avocado oil are other ingredients that are supposed to have positive effects.
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Wash it with good hair shampoo and use conditioner. You may need to trim the ends if it like a ZZ Top beard or if you have been growing it for a long time.

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