I Apply Vaseline To My Lips. How Can I Make My Lips Pink And Soft?


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hareem jilani answered
Use butter for your lips..or malai....if you use butter made in home its more gooood.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
Vaseline is a good choice to soften the lips. However it will not make your lips pink. You should apply good skin cream or lotion on your lips. I would prefer Dove. Drink good amount of water everyday.
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Put 1 or 2 drops of sesame or Olive oil on your navel and message it for few second.it will start work  in 1 hour.and your lips will feel soft with out useing any vaseline.try it.best up luck!!
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First scrub your lips every day one time then apply any lip balm I use FA lip balm it made my rusty lips glowy pink and soft drink water
remember to always scrub your lips before applying anything
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Erin Tyler answered
Vaseline is a great product, it softens and moisturizes your lips. The only way to make them pink is to use lip stick or lip gloss. If you use lip stainer under your gloss the colour lasts a lot longer.
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chen lyfen answered
Hi for the lips to be pink and soft, you should go to the drugs store, as they have any protection of the lips and make them soft ,I think even in the super market you can find it too, it 's a kind of protection for protecting the lips.
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Nivea have a new lip plumping tinted gloss which is great for softening lips and giving them a hint of pink. You can buy it at Superdrug for about £3.00 !
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Use a toothbrush and brush all the dead skin away. Then put on vaseline. That should do it

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