Does the acrylic nails hurt when you put them on and take them off. Im 11 am i able to get the nails on? I really want them for a birthday party on saterday. So do they hurtwhen putting them on and off, I dont want to go and they tell me im to young.


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If they do put them on someone your age you will need your mom with you first of all to give consent/permission and second of all to pay. They can get pricey. The last time my daughter (age 18) and I got our nails done I paid 75 dollars for the two of us. Also yes they do hurt when you take them off. It rips off the top "layer" of fingernail or if one breaks off it could break clear into the nail underneath causing it to throb and bleed. As far as putting them on..... When I get mine done they always cut me at least one or two times. I always leave with swollen throbbing fingers. They are not "pretty" or "comfortable" till a couple days later. So you have maybe a week with them. Then they start falling off or breaking. But there was a time I thought all that was worth it! When I was in high school my hair and nails were my self esteem. Bottom line.... You need your mom.

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At 11 you are really too young.  They are expensive and very easily broken. When one breaks it can rip your natural nail off too.  That hurts real bad and takes months to heal.  My advice is save this money for something else. You would need your parent with you.

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You are just eleven and already caught up so much in the vain world. Just be you gal. Don't let your false ego rule your life?

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