I Have Hairs On My Cheeks, Should I Shave Them Off?


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If I were you, I wouldn't do that. When you shave them off, more hair will grow, thus more problems.
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I have shaved them off at least twice. I was stupid then now I regret it. I wish I can go to the past and change what I have done.
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According to my opinion, Khanpower you should not shave you hair which are present on your cheek. If you do shave them, then your hair will grow much faster and in addition to that, they would be way thicker and rougher in texture. It is preferable that you either wax them or bleach them. I think that this will really help!
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If you start to shave you will have a 5 o' clock shadow. If you are a man this is ok, if not then you can tweeze them or if there is a lot wax it off.

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