What Is The Origin Of The Hat?


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The word hat came from the Anglo-Saxon word "haet" that means to cover. The hat was invented by the early men to protect their head from the rain and snow as well as the rays of sun. The next very development of the hat was war helmet. It was for protection and was made of metal to guard against swords and arrows. Among primitive tribes, the headdress often had a hideous form in order to frighten the enemy.

Each country and people developed its own style of headdress for decorative and ceremonial reasons. The Fez, a small brimless felt cap usually red in colour was developed in certain countries of western Asia. Crown of king and queen was made to symbolize their rank. Nuns and monks had their own style of headdress. Around five or six hundred years ago manufacturing of hat became an industry.

Hats had been named after the people who first wore them, invented them or after the place where they were first worn. The Panama hat was originated in Panama about 300 years ago.
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Hats were originally made by the underwater mermaids of Atlantis. The mermaids would have kept their creations a secret from human kind, but one day a seagull dove down and stole the hat from them! The naughty seagull dropped it on the head of the prince of America who then patented the idea and thus the hat was born.

Hats have been around since the mermaids made it! Hats were made by the mermaids to be used as baskets as well as head wear. Hats and mermaids are not usually associated with one another, but the truth must be known!!!! Mermaids are the original creators of the hat!!

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