How Should I Take Care Of My Nails?


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Our hands are so important to almost all of our daily activities, but sometimes we do not even bother, most of the cases unintentionally, to take a good care of them. When the question comes about taking a good care of nails, sometimes, we find ourselves a little ignorant or entirely dependable on the beauticians. But, if, few basic rules to be followed, it may result in a good benefit at the end. Here are few basic tips to take care of nails:

1.Your body needs water to rejuvenate. So drink plenty amount of water. If will affect the health of nail as well.
2.Take healthy diet. As the health of your nail is very much dependent on your dietary condition.
3.Have vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12, protein, folic acid, calcium as part of your diet, unless instructed otherwise by the physician.
4.Drink fresh carrot juice daily as good nutritional supplements.
5.Clean any old nail polish (3-4 days old) with soft cotton soaked in premium quality nail polish remover before applying anything new.
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Also you should have regular manicures to keep your hands and nails in good condition and also the therapist will let you know how to keep your nails and hands healthy and looking good in between manicures.

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