Should I Take Another PPD (TB Skin) Test?


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Hi, I work in the medical field and have for 25 years and if you have a positive PPD you are to receive chest x-rays from now on. It will not harm you to have the actual skin test but after it comes positive they are going to send you for a chest X-ray anyway. Hope this helps.

Good Luck!
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Hi I took a ppd skin test in June of 2009 and I am about to start a new job and one of the requirements is to take a ppd skin test. So what I want to know is do I have to take it over again or can I just get a copy of my old one.
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shelly spangler answered
Thanks, it was determined today that I will still have to get the ppd because I have no documentation and the state says no documentation then I have to have the test

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