How can I make my husband wear women's clothes?


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Well you shouldn't make him unless it is something he agrees to ... Like you bet him on something and he looses, then he has to wear women's clothes.
But you could do something similar to how my wife did it to me.  She got me started by wearing panties and soon she had me wearing panties every day.  Soon she started adding to me, getting me to also wear a bra and other items of lingerie ... After a while she threw away the last of my male undies, which I hadn't worn in a long time, leaving me with nothing but sexy lingerie to wear.  Then she got me to wear other things, like women's jeans and tops ... And that is how my wife did it.
It is great going out dressed and she loves it too!
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Well, if you want to do that out of fun. Then make him loose a bet between y'all!!! LOL!!! Or you could dare him too!!! :-)
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If you were trying to get me to women's clothes, you find the job quite easy!  Would love a girlfriend to "sort me out" that way.
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It would not be proper or healthy for you marriage to attempt to "make" your husband do anything.  You might ask him or tell him that it is something you would appreciate him doing for you,  but to make him would be wrong.  Something of this magnitude should be his decision, not yours.  He may feel that his masculinity would be damaged if he did such a thing.  If he is not in total agreement, drop it.  It is no more proper for you to try to force him against his will into doing something that he finds objectionable than it would be for him to attempt to force you into doing something that you did not want to do.  In a loving relationship, force is never used by either party.
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Anonymous , Seduce Him Into Wearing Them, answered

I would suggest trying to make it part of your foreplay.  Start with panties.  Have some pretty soft and silky panties available during your sexual foreplay.  See how he responds when he touches the soft silky fabric.  Use positive reinforcement when introducing him to trying on a pair of panties.  Make the idea sexually exciting to him.  Once you have enticed him to wear a pair of panties the door has been opened to try other feminine clothing.  Take your time reeling him in.  Don't rush.  Be like a spider weaving its web; one strand at a time.  Soon he will find himself tightly bound by many little strands that he will be unable to break.  Once you have broken his resistance you can have him dressing as feminine as you desire.  Both of you may find it very exciting to see him wearing a pretty dress while doing his housework.  Good Luck!

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