What Could I Wear With A Cream Cardigan?


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The good thing about cream cardigans is that they’re really versatile – you can wear them with a lot of things! You’ll want to avoid other pale colors, though.

Things to Wear with a Cream Cardigan
  • Dark blue jeans and red camisole. For a nautical look, try wearing it with an anchor necklace. Add some vintage gold rings to give the outfit a pirate feel!
  • A patterned sundress. Try to avoid any light patterns, though – especially white ones. Accessorize with a pretty beaded necklace!
  • Pale blue jeans and a pink camisole, or a slightly low-necked shirt. You don’t really want to wear a round-necked t-shirt with a cardigan. Also, if the cardigan is a little bit see-through, keep in mind that the shirt you wear beneath it will be visible through the cardigan – especially if the color is dark!
  • Something girly and flowery. As cream cardigans are quite plain, you can get away with pairing them with bolder items of clothing.
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Hmmm, I'm not sure.  Try a teal, purple, black cami, dark jeans, long necklace and flats or heels and a chunky bracelet.

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