How Can I Find A Picture Of A Geisha Tattoo That Was On The Program Miami Ink?


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  Miami ink is a reality show on TLC. It is about a tattoo parlour in Miami by the name "305 Ink". This parlour is also known as "Miami Parlour". The owners of this shop are Ami James and Chris Nunez. The show Miami Ink is based on the happenings inside this Tattoo shop. If you want the geisha tattoos found on the show Miami Ink then why don't you check out their fan sites which feature all the photos and tattoos shown on the television program?

  These sites have tattoo galleries according to the work of the artists. You ca also check out the site at where you can search for tattoos according to design, artist or category. The usual sites for tattooing can also be of some help to you in finding out various tattoos related to geishas.

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