What Is Used In Tattoo Ink? Can It Cause Cancer Or Any Other Health Problems?


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Tattoo ink is prepared from dyes derived from a diversity of metals, which produces the characteristic colors for instance; red dyes are contributed from cinnabar.

Your fear about harmful health effects from tattoo ink is not exclusive of any reason. Though there has never been a conformation of cancer from tattoos or tattoo ink in the medical text, there are many recognized allergic reactions. In particular, the fluid that holds red and yellow inks has an amplified allergic possibility. Adding up to this, tattoos and tattoo ink may not cause cancer, but shady tattoo colors can make a disease.

FYI, "jailhouse tattoos," which engage the application of Indian ink to sketch tattoos on the body, are relatively safe, with no resulting cancers or other horrible health effects.

The possible health problems that can consequence from the use of unclean tattoo needles, or from otherwise unhygienic conditions in the tattoo parlor are many in number. If you are planning to have a tattoo somewhere on your body in future, do not forget to check out tattoo safety guidelines. Good luck

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