What are some good swimwear/bikini brands that last well and don't sag and stretch from wearing at the beach?


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I'm a very keen swimmer and these are my recommendations for swimwear and bikini brands that are really good quality and wear well:

French Connection

Always on trend and made to a very high standard, French Connection's swimwear isn't cheap but it will last a good handful of summers in the sea.

Marks & Spencers

For the slightly older market, M&S clothes are almost as well made as its food. Choose them for classic looks in stately colours  - they're also pretty good at flattering women's bodies.


The choice o the yummy mummy, Boden delivers on retro cool, vibrant colours and swimmer-friendly shapes.f


For the pro, a Speedo costume is hard to beat. Not the prettiest costume but certainly the most practical.

There's also a similar question on Blurtit here if you're looking for swimwear that is more affordable but still looks great:


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