Can Playing With Your Nostrils Make Them Bigger?I Don't Pick My Nose But I Touch It Constantly When I'm Alone. I Think Its Some Sort Of Nervous Habit., Which Is Worrying. My Nose Looks A Little Red, But I Could Have Sworn My Nostrils Look Bigger?


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If you want to make your nostrils larger, it would require the insertion of a device which would stretch the tissue, and as you are able to tolerate it, increase the diameter of the device. Similar to stretching your pierced earlobe and wearing a disc in it. The cartilage in your nose is along the ridge. That's what gets out of whack when you break it. Your nostrils are tissue that is able to be pierced (wearing a stud) and it has a firmness to it. If you keep handling your nostrils, the friction will be irritating, if the friction is bad enough you could create inflammation which will increase the size slightly, but it will go down when the inflammation is allowed to heal. The redness will make you focus on the appearance of your nostrils, and perhaps others might notice if it is bad enough. Something to consider would be to focus on what you can do to relax when you are alone. Like people who bite their nails, there is an unsightly result. So if you can't solve your anxiety by getting to the root of the problem, or through meditation or any other relaxation techniques, try changing your stress reliever to a rubber ball or smooth stone that you roll in your hand " worry stones". Some people carry one in their pocket to hold or roll when they are stressed. You may also have seen those squishy balls that are sold to squeeze when you're stressed.
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Various myths exist about playing with nostrils and the change in nostrils' size. As the frontal part of nose has no bones or solid cartilage, it's often associated with the expression asked in the question.

Practice and observation of many people show that it may not expand in its size, but the shape of nostrils is changed with strong touch, molding, pinching or snatching. Beauticians recommend to press the nostrils in two thumbs and pull them upwards lightly to make your nose look stiff , elevated and pointing.
Some old civilizations had a real concern for the shape of nostrils. Pointing and firm noses were very famous among Greek and Romans and are still popular in European societies.
Even in Asian societies like Pakistan, India, Iran and Afghanistan shape of nose has ornamental value and girls focus too much on the shape and size of their nose. On weddings and parties nose is decorated with jewellery and gems.
As a matter of principle and pride, some African tribes acknowledge the big nostril size as a measure of social respect and grace so they artificially try to expand the nostril skin to get broader noses.
In fact nose is still a symbol of grace and beauty along with respect and social fame in different modern societies as well.
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Thank you very much for your reply; you have really put my mind at rest and I will try the worry ball. It's scary to think I'm ruining my face because of anxiety. Thank you.

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