What Clothes Do They Wear In Brazil?


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Here is the answer to your question:-

Brazil is MOST known for is it's beach clothing, especially the "thong" or string bikini, as well as the "sungas" or "speedo"-type bathing suits that men wear on the beaches. Most people who visit Brazil enjoy just sitting on the beach and "people-watching." Here is a good website with pictures of  beachwear's from a famous company (reef):

There are, of course, certain styles of clothing that are typical to Brazil in general...

The clothing of Carnaval (the festival they have each year around ash wednesday) requires MONTHS of preparation and is VERY similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans in the way the clothing looks and is created.

Carnaval website:

Here is a good OVERALL description of what you find in Brazil in the way of clothing:

South of Sao Paulo, in the country, you find the "Gaucho" style of dress that is typified by baggy pants and shirts, with a special hat:

The above picture is a VERY famous statue that is near Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Do remember that southern Brazil (from Sao Paulo down) is VERY european and is more like Italy or Spain than Brazil. It is inhabited MOSTLY with German and Italian immigrants who came there at the turn of the century, much as people came to the US at the turn of the century. Style there closely follows traditions set in Paris and Italy. Generally, Brazilians are about 1-2 years AHEAD of the United States in terms of fashion and design.

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