Where Can A Plus-Size Lady Buy Clothes On The UK High Street?


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There are a number of shops on the UK high-street that cater for the larger lady.

Dorothy Perkins and Evans are obvious choices if you're looking for plus-size clothing on the high-street, whilst the internet also boasts many specialized retailers catering for voluptuously-sized ladies.

Large clothes for women in the UK

Firstly, I'd like to say that you should consider yourself lucky that you live in the UK.

If you think that finding clothes in a size 18+ is difficult, you should try shopping in Italy! My wife and I lived there for several years, and let me tell you- there is a serious gap in the market there!

Having said that, I find that it can be a struggle to find 'nice' clothes for larger ladies on the UK high street. 

As far as shops go, I'd probably suggest the following:

Evans– first shop that pops into mind when I think of clothing for the plus-size woman. Their sizes range from 14-32, and the range of clothing is quite good.
Ann Harvey– Another big player in the plus size market, but slightly more 'upmarket' than Evans. This shop is a good choice for finding that elegant evening dress or some sleek formal attire. They cater for sizes 16-32.

As an example of how the major retailers are also jumping on the plus size band wagon, stores like New Look and Marks and Spencer have also released larger ranges.

New Look Inspire– Really great selection of casual wear, sizes 16-28
Marks and Spencer- I think they now do up to a size 32 in some ranges.

Plus size clothing online

I know you specifically mentioned the high street in your question, but I'd urge you to also keep an open mind about some of the web-based shops out there.

Sites like or are good sites if you're looking for larger sized clothes online.

Although buying over the internet means that you don't have the benefit of trying out items, I find that the selection on offer is usually larger, and less bland than some of the highstreet retailers.
One final site I find quite fun and exciting is They've also been endorsed by Gok Wan - so you know they must be good!
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I agree there are plenty of places that sell fashionable and flattering styles for the plus size woman. I know that I have found a few from the SKORCH magazine online. My favorite was Fashion Overdose Clothing. They have such brillant clothes to choose from.
Go to their site to see what they have.
I suggest the plaid skirt they have in a black and red.
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You can easily buy plus size clothes at Rebelwear. You can easily purchase online no need to go outside or any street in UK.

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Yes, buy the outfits which are bigger in size, and make you look trendy and fashionable. Why do you have to buy boring clothes, just because of your size? It is nice to look great and feel great.
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Well I've been surfing the web for plus size clothing stores and found several but one store VJCNetwork.They are reasonable and they ship fast!
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Survey about 10 years ago found that the average UK woman is now a size 16. And the shops have responded by offering larger sizes.

Back in the 1950s, we were size 12 on average!! Which is why shops used to not bother stocking much above a size 16.  Now size 20-22 is more typical as the maximum.

Marks + Spencer: Go up to size 28 in most lines. As does Ann Harvey, La Redoute, Tallisme, Marina Rinaldo.

Up to size 32: Evans (might only find up to size 28 in shops, but online they go to 32 or more).

Up to size 26: Quintesse range (by designer Frank Usher)

Up to size 22: Dorothy Perkins

Up to size 20: Next, Gap jeans, Littlewoods extra.

Long list and service/product descriptions of these and other retail outlets selling plus size clothes.

Bravissimo specialises in clothes for women who are large up top.
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All these stores are now starting to carry sizes that fit the average women. I am a size 18 and can't find anything I like. Until now. I know of this great, trendy, edgy line that I found online. I have not found anything like it online. They are so fashion forward and reasonable.
The website is
I am so happy I found a new place to shop. Oh! Just to let you know they only make a few of each style so if you see something, get it. I learned my lesson.

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