Where's The Best Place To Buy Clothes?


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For some people, shopping for clothes can be the most pleasurable experience in the world. For others it can be a nightmare of overcrowded shops and long queues. Either way, knowing where to shop is really important.

Suggestions of were to shop will depend on two things:

  • Your tastes
  • Your location
The first of these is really key. Before you even decide what shops to check out, you need to decide what kind of look you are going for.

If you're interested in biker leathers for example, there's really no point browsing the racks at Karen Millen.

As far as the second point, this is perhaps slightly less relevant that it used to be. Whilst nothing beats visiting the actual store and trying things on, online shopping has made it a lot easier for people who aren't lucky enough to live in a major fashion capital.

The Best Place to Buy Clothes

I think the best approach to answering this question is to just give a general guide to some stores I'd recommend you check out.

The truth is that you're going to have to do some research either way, but here are a few websites of retailers I'd be happy to be seen in:
Trendy High-street

For that hip look, I'd suggest you check out the following high-street stores:

TopShop H&M Zara Forever 21 River Island Lipsy All Saints Pull & Bear

This list could go on and on, but hopefully the examples above will give you some idea.

Designer Label

If you're only looking for the finest materials and the biggest names, you may be interested some of the following outlets:

Prada Armani Givenchy
Paul Smith
Yves Saint Lauren

These days, shopping malls are filled with shops stocking all sorts of exciting clothing ranges. Department stores are also good places to check out varied styles because they are often home to different fashion concessions.

Stores like TK Maxx are also great for finding a bargain piece.
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Well, these are some stores where I like to shop at: H and M, Forever 21, American Eagle, and Wet Seal.

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