How Can I Become A Beauty Product Tester?


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There are a number of methods you can adopt to become a product tester. Firstly, choose a specific beauty company and check their website to see if they are looking for product testers because a lot of large companies will go directly to their websites to advertise any available positions. They will usually require you to fill out a form regarding your personal information and some companies will not require individuals to have experience.

Moreover you could get in contact with beauty magazines and publications. Flick through the magazines to see if there are any adverts, however if they haven’t advertised directly then don’t be discouraged. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t in need of product testers; you just may have to contact the publishing company directly. This is a good route to go down because a lot of beauty and skin companies send products to these magazines who in turn will want testers to try them out and give feedback.

In addition, due to the day to day use and reliance of the internet, you could try and access the skincare and beauty blogs because a lot of beauty companies attempt to reach out to bloggers. The reason for this is usually because if a blogger approves a certain product then all their followers will be encouraged to use it. Also, by writing a glowing recommendation of a product online, it will reach out to a vast amount of people all over the world which is great exposure for the company. A number of blogs dedicate themselves to finding product testers so you could have a good chance of becoming one through them.

The main thing you need to understand is that it is not like a normal job where you have to go through a hiring process; instead you have to seek out companies yourself to search for any available product tester positions.
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Most people (particularly women) voluntarily offer to become testers for the new ranges of cosmetics and perfumes that arrive in the market. The beauty and fashion industry is one of the industries in the world where word-of-mouth publicity is a very powerful tool. When women review various brands of cosmetics and perfumes, their opinions can work wonders for some products and they can also ensure that some brands do not have a long life on the shelves of stores that stock beauty products.

Women go to these stores, test the products on themselves and review them. This either attracts or dissuades other buyers from visiting those stores. The most attractive thing for women who volunteer to become testers is that they get to sample a lot of cosmetics without paying a single penny for them.

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