Why Is It Important To Perform A Skin Assessment Under Indirect Sunlight Of Persons With Dark Skin?


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It is vital to perform a skin assessment of people with dark skin under indirect sunlight because the direct light given from the sun can mask any skin problems as they have a tendency to blend into dark skin more than they do with lighter skin. The direct light can also cause a glare and this can obstruct the view of the skin, and any problems.

The indirect light provides a better rendition of colours, which allows for any skin problems to be shown up more clearly. The performance of a skin assessment is vital when assessing patients. The assessment of the skin should be carried out in conjunction with other information that is vital to establish the skin complaints, if any. This information includes a history of the skin condition, a history of the skin conditions of the patient's family, as well as a review of the different soaps, shampoos, conditioners and other products used on the skin.

All known allergies should also be noted and it is important to establish whether or not the condition of the skin is prone to change during different seasons.

A skin assessment will include checking the temperature of the skin, as well as the dryness, itching, bruising, and texture. The thickness and any unusual colours should also be noted. The most common skin complaint is dry skin, especially in older people, with up to 85 per cent of people over 65 affected by the complaint. Dry skin can be caused by a number of factors including low humidity, smoking or alcohol intake, use of medications, and sheets and gowns.

Other skin conditions that are very common are psoriasis and pruritus. Psoriasis may cause the skin to become rough and scaly, and can affect the lower legs, the hands and the forearms. Pruritus is a form of intense itching, which can cause the skin to become infected, at times with eczema.
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Because sunlight bring many changes like increased melanin production, over activity of sweat glands etc. The skin assessment test is taken under dark. The direct light will not tell the desire results for which the test was conducted.

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