What Type Of Clothing Did The Romans Use To Wear?


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Roman clothing would easily reveal the social status of the wearer. A Roman citizen would sport a toga, a loose one-piece garment, while a married woman would wear a stola, which was a long garment which went all the way down to the ankles. A senator would wear stripes on his tunic while a general wore a cloak and a uniform. The emperor would don special robes and had a laurel wreath on top of his head. Slaves and free people, the lowest rung of social classes in Rome did not wear any distinctive clothing.

Roman outfits were mainly made of wool. Not much is known about the innerwear, but both men and women would wear a simple loin cloth known as 'subligar'. Women would additionally wear a band of leather or cloth to support the breasts. This kind of innerwear was also known as mamillare.

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