What Kind Of Clothes Did The Pomo Indians Wear?


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Pomo clothing was usually made out of natural resources that were easily-available to the tribe - such as animal skins and dried tree bark, both of which were often used in the making of clothes.
What did the Pomo Indians wear?
Pomo Indians were indigenous people of what we now call California. Due to the warm climate, the Pomo Indians spent much of their time completely undressed.

Pomo clothing was mainly intended to protect from winter weather, and the pelts of animals (such as deer and rabbit) were used to make fur clothing to guard against the cold.

The use of tree bark and shredded redwood was also very common - and women would make mantles and long skirts out of tree by-products.

The designs of these female garments most closely resembled traditional Hawaiian clothing like grass hula skirts.

When men weren't wandering around naked, they'd be most likely to wear a buckskin loincloth.

Jewelry was often made of natural materials such as shells and stones, and played an important part in Pomo culture.

Ceremonial outfits were also worn for special occasions, as is the custom with various Native American tribes.
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Men wore no clothes!

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