Will Bleach Kill Lice In Brushes?


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You may want to soak your lice-infested hair brushes in bleach to kill off the pests present on it, but I'd assume that you'd achieve just as effective a result by using boiling water.

Does bleach kill lice on brushes?
Soaking your brushes in a container of bleach will most likely take care of the lice on your brush.

However, a simpler way would be to boil the kettle, and let your brushes soak in some very hot water.

Although lice are well-known for being one of the toughest and most resilient creatures on the planet, even they would find it impossible to survive a swim in water that exceeds 100 degrees Celsius.

Getting the lice off your hairbrush
This method will also destroy any lice eggs hiding on your brush, and is a good way to prevent re-infestation.

Interestingly, whilst lice can be wiped out using extreme heat, freezing temperatures don't faze this powerful little pest. Lice are one of the few insects on earth that could survive sub-zero temperatures!
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I don't think so because in order for them to die they can't have blood for 24 hours.
But you can still try...
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You can take the brushes and soak them in very hot water overnight after you have removed all the hair. All the hair has to be removed or it will not work.

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